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Please note that this website refers to an old version of Wave Power. A new and much improved version will be released in 2024.

Wave Power is a real-time sound processing application for the PC.
Try it out if you want to use your PC to do real-time processing of audio signals, or if you want to do complex sound processing in a simple environment - it has twenty two different types of signal processing component that you can connect in an easy to follow chart or block diagram. Here are some of the things that Wave Power can do:  

- It can create, modify and mix many types of sound in many ways.

- Also display waveform and frequency spectrum.

- Take input from your soundcard and wav files, as well as Wave Power's own signal generator.

- Send output to your soundcard and wav files.

- Automate (time) your modifications in various ways.

- Respond to a
MIDI controller to adjust many components' settings (including all VST parameters).

- Does everything in real time, giving you instant feedback on whatever you do (subject to latency of soundcard).



To see what Wave Power looks like, take a look at the screenshot.

For more details, read about the main features.

A trial version is now available to download.

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