LoSonic is a plugin whose speciality is filtering audio at low cutoff frequencies (adjustable from 10 Hz to 500 Hz). It provides a wide range of shaping modes:

LoSonic is currently available as a VST3 plugin for Windows 7 or higher, 64 bit. This trial version is free to download from the link below.

If you register now for just 22 Euros, you will also have access to all future versions at no additional cost*. To register, contact plugins@viewsound.com with the word 'LoSonic' in the e-mail's title, and specify whether you would like to pay by Paypal or bank account transfer (SWIFT).

               Download LoSonic 0.92 now
The changes from the previous version can be seen in the version history.

*Note that this offer applies only to future two-channel editions, and not to any future multi-channel editions of the software that might possibly be developed. The two-channel editions will however contain as many features as any equivalent multi-channel edition, apart from those features unavoidably limited by the smaller number of channels.