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A trial version of Wave Power is now available to download. 

Minimum requirements:

-  Windows XP
-  1 GHz Pentium

Download Wave Power 2.1 now.

If you want to run Wave Power on a slower PC with an older operating system (including Windows 95 or 98) and if it does not install correctly try
this installer file instead, but be aware that it has not been properly tested.

Latest Version (2.1)  August 2006:

  Changes since version 2.0:
       - Added option to delete all modifications before or after any position in the chart
           (useful for getting rid of any modifications that you know that you won't be
           using again).
       - Fixed bug that prevented changing the program of a VST plug-in.
       - Fixed bug that made reversing the deletion of a VST component result in re-opening
           the plug-in with its default parameter values instead of its latest parameter values.
       - Fixed bug that prevented opening a chart file from outside Wave Power by
           double-clicking on it.

  Changes between versions 1.93 (Sept 2005) and 2.0:
        - Allowed a MIDI controller's knobs and sliders to control many component settings
            (those using a slider bar control) as well as VST plug-in's parameters, by
        - Split the Filter component into Bandpass Filter and Low Frequency Filter. The latter
            component can now also be set to low pass filter (could previously be used only
            as a high pass filter).
        - Added option to vary the log scale of the spectrum analyser's X axis down to 1 Hz
            (was previously fixed at 62.5 Hz).
        - Modified to work also with large fonts and high resolution (120 dpi).
        - Many minor improvements and bug fixes.

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